· Sources ADIT:
- Des vitres électrogènes alimentées par les nouvelles cellules solaires nanocristallines
- Hitachi Unveils Large Panel of Dye Sensitizing Solar Cells with High Efficiency
· Source ADIT, novembre et décembre: Une cellule solaire particulièrement... "chaude" à l'EPFL!
· Articles du Dr. Grätzel dans le magazine Nature
· Voir mai 2002 du "Futur du PV"
Une prochaine commercialisation des premières cellules Graetzel colorées est attendue en... Australie! (Source Cythelia )
· Going organic(source OLE magazin, novembre)
· "Leclanché déclenche Graetzel"
· Un extrait de la revue SEBES (Faculté de droit de l'université de Genève) http://w3.unige.ch/sebes/textes/1995/95PBGraetzel.html

     Photovoltaic technology, in use for many years, was considerably improved by the incorporation of compatible dye, which Dr. Michael Grätzel developed and subsequently patented in the 1990's. The core of the dye-sensitized technology consists of nanometer-scale crystals of TiO2 semiconductor coated with a monolayer of light-absorbing dye and embedded in an electrolyte between the front and back electrical contacts. Photons in light are absorbed by the dye. 
    Relatively simple manufacturing requirements will allow dye-sensitized photovoltaic products to be manufactured globally, even in regions where sophisticated manufacturing and support infrastructure is unavailable.
    With low-cost raw materials and relatively low-cost manufacturing technology and processes, deposited thin films have the potential to provide more than a 50 percent reduction in cost relative to traditional crystalline cell modules. 
· STI, Sustainable Technologies International "Australian Technology for a solar future"
· Laboratory for Photonics & Interfaces (EPFL/LPI, Lausanne):
-- Les nouvelles piles solaires nanocristallines
-- Cellules solaires basées sur des films nanocristallins colorés
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· The Future of Photovoltaic Energy A site about organic solar cell technology. (Electrosolar)
· Greatcell.com The site of the Swiss based company Greatcell Solar which is commercialising our BIPV panels in Europe.

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