Nouvelles des "tours solaires"
· GP-Solar: "the different solar panel" (en anglais et allemand)
· Solar Energy: EOHT, Electricity Out of a Helicopter Turbine
    The mountains of Armenia seem to have been created for electric power stations working on solar energy. The scientists at the Radio Physical Research Institute have chosen a ground on Aragats mountain, which is 40 km to the west of Yerevan and situated 1750m above sea level. Southern mountain Sun is a good source of cheap energy. It rises 73 degrees above the horizon in summer and the atmosphere layer absorbing radiation in the mountains is thinner.
    The new electric power station "AREV" (the Armenian for "Sun") is a big spherical mirror made of glass and fixed with props on the slope of the mountain. The mirror has the slope of 40 degrees to the horizon in order to catch the light all through the year. The sunbeams fall on the concave mirror surface, than get reflected from its walls and focus on a small circle in side the sphere. The area of the maximum heat with the temperature rising above 80oC moves along the circle following the Sun. Together with this hot spot a special heat exchange device absorbing the heat moves over the mirror.
    The device is a bell being 3m in diameter with double walls, where a compressor supercharges air to. Heating up in the bell, the air expands and revolves the vanes of the turbine, which is connected with the electro generator. By the way, in this project the scientists use a turbine of a helicopter that has already worked its resource in the air. A photo sensor automatically operates all this mechanical construction installed on a tower. Such an electric power station with the power of 100 kW produces rather cheap energy - 0.5 cent per kilowatt per hour. The efficiency of the station is forty up to fifty per cent. AREV will work ten hours per day in summer and eight hours per day in winter.
     "The electric power station AREV-100 is the first experimental sample of little power; the diameter of its spherical mirror is thirty-six meters. The next installation with a seventy-five meter mirror will be much more powerful, i.e. 1.5 megawatt", - says Paris Herouni, the constructor of the station AREV.
     At the summit in Okinawa in June, 2000, the G-8 leaders pointed out two world global problems that the mankind is facing, namely, information technologies development and use of renewable energy resources - sun heat, wind energy, water and biomass. This raw material for energy production will replace coal, oil, gas and uranium, the resources of which are limited. That is why scientists from all over the world are working on the projects for sun energy usage, which is the most efficient of all the so-called unconventional power-engineering branches.

For further information, contact:  Paris Misakovich Herouni, academician, Radio Physical Research Institute, director, Yerevan, Armenia, +7 (885 1) 234631, (374 1) 234780,